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Author: Trevor Johnson

Insomnia is the inability to get enough sleep. But there's a difference between missing a few hours sleep here and there and having full blown insomnia. In order to understand the conceptual device, it is worth defining what "insomnia" is, and for this you need to buy book report or using for read scientific studies and journalistic articles. So if you're asking yourself "Do I have insomnia", here are some pointers.

1. Are you always tired?

Feeling tired all the time is often a sign of having insomnia. Often compounded by not actually being able to get to sleep even when you want to. This can be one of the signs of being an insomniac.

2. Are you always waking up in the middle of the night?

Some people manage to get off to sleep fairly easily only to wake up again a few hours later. They then spend another hour or two tossing and turning, trying harder and harder to get to sleep but not actually succeeding. If this is you, there's a chance that you're suffering from insomnia.

3. Do you wake up too early?

Be careful with your answer to this one. Although we're creatures of habit, the seasons can also have an effect on when we wake up. Bright sunny summer mornings are more likely to cause us to wake up early than dark dreary winter mornings. Anticipation of a major event can also cause us to wake up early so that we don't miss anything. But if you're always waking up hours before the alarm clock even gets close to calling time then there's a good chance that you're waking up too early.

4. Is your mind always racing?

Our minds are active things but if your mind is always chasing its own tail, running scenario after scenario and generally racing around nineteen to the dozen then that could be one of the causes of your insomnia.

5. Do you wake up unrefreshed?

Sometimes you can get what should be a good night's sleep but you actually feel more tired when you wake up than when you first retired to bed. If you have too many nights of unrefreshing sleep, that's another signal that you could be suffering from insomnia.

The more of those questions you said "yes" to, the more likely it is that you are suffering from insomnia.

Congratulations! The first step to treating anything is realizing that you're suffering from it in the first place. Next, it's worth booking an appointment to see your doctor so that they can give you some temporary relief for your symptoms whilst you work on any deeper cause. They'll also check that you're not suffering from anything more serious at the same time.

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7 Responses to Do I Have Insomnia

  1. KathyC says:

    Seniors who watch TV…?
    Do u think programming was better when all we had were the 3 networks. i have insomnia and last night out of boredom at 4 am i count 52 channels with infomercials and shopping…5 news all showing rerun news..4 sports, 3 sitcoms and one old movie. others are community..for 70 a month? i liked the 5 channels with antenna better

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Triple science or music ?
    So, I’m a student in year 10. For my initial options I chose : geography, triple science, and art , along with that I have mathematics , two English. and RE GCSE’s to work towards, along with a merit in sports ( worth two GCSE’s) . I initially was too nervous about joining music rather than science triple at first but recently I’ve spoke to the head teacher and my parents about changing to music. I’ve played piano (self taught) some Christmas and the best thing I can do is grade four (not amazing but alright I guess) and I’ve realised that music is really a passion of mine, I’ve always wanted it but never had an opportunity properly.

    Because I’m a good student the school are willing to let me have two different choices, either:

    -Continue triple science until the end of this school year (because most of my work is already done) and start music and get it all done next year, they say not having triple will severely limit my future because I’m predicted A* grades the whole way through… But I mean I absolutily can’t stand it, I’ve got 5 pieces of coursework in science going on and have wrote a total of over 50 pages int own words in ridiculously small font, and the work is too labourious for what it is worth, also I don’t want a career in science, nor to take it in college, so surely they won’t be concerned if I’m taking music in college and don’t have triple science right?

    - or I can leave triple science and start music on Monday, in this the staff HAVE to guarantee me at least an A or A* by the time I’ve finished music, which will be pressured on the music department. This is the option I want to go for, because I don’t think I really could complete both courses in the two years, but will it really have that much of an impact on me if I want to take music, geography, art, and psychology in college ( either at KGV or Runshaw in the north west) ?

    Plus I’m worried to let the teachers down and it’s giving me insomnia worrying about it, music is my true passion in life and I’m so devoted and motivated by it, but really I have mo idea which road to go down, they told me I’m likely not to get into college without triple science and I don’t know what to do, I’m feeling so guilty and yet I want to have a good future.

    I know science might sound like a better career route but it’s become something I despise, I enjoy learning the new things about it, and find them interesting but after I know them the interest is gone

    So which path should I take, and if you’re thinking, it’s all down to what I have in mind then please what would you advise?

    I apologise for the length of this question and hope there is sufficient information for an answer to be made, thanks guys this really means one HELL of a lot to me
    The first option of keeping triple means that I can (with hope and luck) try and get both GCSEs , though they probably wouldn’t be as good as possible if rushed into a year each, and I don’t want them to turn round at the start of year 11 and say “it’s too late to start music now” which is what I fear they’ll do. Argg I’m just so stressed and upset about this I an desperate for music but worried about now getting into college :S

    ps the only reason they’re ( unwillingly) allowing this is because I’m predicted A* grades in every subject.

    This choice is so hard, and I hve to hve it by tomorrow as a definite decision :S

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    • cazzynoms says:

      I reckon you should continue with triple science and take music next year as well. It’s definitely possible – a friend of mine did this (she did the most GCSEs in my year – 16 of them, all Bs and As), and if you truly are passionate about your music then doing that extra bit of work shouldn’t be much of a strain.
      I’m doing my A levels now, and I took triple science at GCSE and am doing A level Psychology also. Triple science is hard, but what if you found Psychology so interesting that you wanted to study it at university? That separate Biology grade could make all the difference and decide which university you end up in, considering it’s an area of study in Psychology. Doing the normal science could result in a lower grade if one of your sciences was weaker than the others. Just think of it this way – yes, you have to put in a lot of work, but in the long run you’re doing yourself a big favour as it’s an extra qualification to put on your CV and leaves you more options if you change your mind in the future.
      Oh, and as for the exams in triple science, Unit 1 is the easiest, Unit 2 is the hardest and Unit 3 is more like the middle ground. Even if you go down to double science you’ll still have to do Units 1 and 2, so the easiest and the hardest. After that, Unit 3 doesn’t seem very hard at all.
      You must be smart if you were given the option to take triple sciences in the first place. Don’t let it worry you – just make sure you revise well for exams and really work hard on all coursework. Manage your time wisely and you’ll do fine, believe me. I was there last year, and it’s really not as scary as it seems.
      Good luck for your GCSEs. :)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    All I can think about is food and losing more weight?
    I’ve always been very insecure about my body and weight. So, a couple months ago I decided to start reducing my calories and exercising. (I started at 115 pounds) In a month, I lost 5 pounds. Thrilled, I kept it up. I lost 5 more pounds. Then, I moved to live with Grandma. She sleeps most of the day, and I wasn’t really eating much. In a month, I lost ten pounds. Now, I’m 92 pounds and living with my mom again. My doctor told me to gain about ten pounds, but I CAN’T. If I gain that much, I’ll be fat again (I know that sounds crazy, but I really was chubby at that weight). I know she is worried about me even though I’m only modestly underweight for my height and age. The real problem is, food is all that I can think about. Food and losing weight. I have insomnia and think about it all night, and when I fall asleep I have DREAMS about it. I have fallen behind in school (and I’ve always been a straight A student), and I’ve fallen behind in LIFE. I don’t think about food all the time in an “I’m hungry” sense. I think about calories, meal plans, and losing more weight. I plan out things that I would like to eat. I constantly make desserts for my mom and Grandma. Food is LITERALLY on my mind every single minute of the day and night. I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to tell my mom about this, but I need help. I don’t think I could stop this if I tried. On the one hand, I want my life back, but on the other, I just want to be thin. And if I gain weight, I don’t think I’ll be able to live with myself. Please, I just want to be happy, but I don’t know what to do. Thank you for your suggestions!

    Also, I’m vegan and have always been a healthy eater (whole raw foods, organic/non gmo). So, please no suggestions about switching to a different, healthier diet.
    My family can’t afford a therapist. We are under the poverty line, and ironically all extra money goes into buying healthy food.

    Also, I still felt chubby at 100 pounds. I still feel chubby NOW.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Do i have problems and if so how can i solve this?
    Ever since i got head lice when i was a kid its always had a really big effect on me, it was really bad and i had them for like a year or so and i read online that head lice can be quite traumatizing and ever since i had them ive had a slight change in behaviour and its given me insomnia and im only 12 and every once in a while i feel like i have head lice and it bugs me and then i run a nit comb through and get my mum to check and we never find anything or any signs that i have head lice, how can i get over this?

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Baby sleeping on her belly everytime I check on her through the night.?
    This is a new thing for her. she just started doing it the last couple of nights. The weird thing is that she won’t roll back over to her back inside the crib. She rolls over to her belly and gets stuck there. I check on her every time I get up, which is alot because I have a slight case of insomnia. I have since I was a kid. So anyways, whether I am checking on her, or she wakes up on her own, she is on her belly. I turn her back over to her back and then go back to bed, but then get up sometimes not even an hour later and she is right back on her belly.

    She rolls from her belly to her back everywhere else except for in her crib. It’s kind of weird.

    Anyways, I am nervous about her sleeping on her belly, but I can’t figure out how to keep her from doing so. Isn’t the risk of SIDS much higher when they sleep on their bellies? Does anyone else have this problem with your little one, and if so, what do you do about it?
    She will be 4 months old on april 5th

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    • Momuvtwinboyzn1babygirl says:

      I just talked to my pediatrician about this same thing at my daughter’s 6 month checkup. He told me once they are able to roll over both ways and lift their heads very well that the risk for SIDS goes down dramatically and it’s fine to let her sleep that way. I’m also nervous about it but there’s really not much I can do about it since everytime I roll her back over 2 minutes later she’s back on her belly. I just make sure there is nothing in her crib except a tight fitting sheet. I also keep a small fan running in her room for air circulation. I also keep my bumper pads on her bed.

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