What Are The Causes Of Insomnia

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What are the Causes of Insomnia?

Author: Danial Hurley

Insomnia, also referred to as dysomnia or wakefulness, is a problem wherein a person is unable to sleep or get enough rest. As you may already know, sleep is very important for every individual. It helps the body to maintain normal functions by repairing the damages that people acquire during the day.

The effects of dysomnia can range from light to dangerous. People who suffer from this condition are easily irritated and feel anxious and depressed. There are also some insomniacs who fall asleep during the day, while they're working or even while they are driving or performing tasks that require constant focus.

For this reason, it is important to avoid this condition as much as possible. Successfully avoiding dysomnia means that you need to know about the factors that can lead to this condition. So, here are some of the causes of wakefulness. Now, the causes of insomnia are often categorized into two groups; psychological causes and physical causes.

Psychological causes include anxiety. Many experts believed that this is one of the major causes of dysomnia. Even you may have experienced having difficulty sleeping while you're feeling tensed, worried, frightened, uncertain and helpless.

Another psychological cause of wakefulness is stress. If a person is unable to cope up with stress, sleeping can become quite an undertaking.

Depression is also known to affect sleep. In fact, dysomnia is one of the symptoms of depression. What's worse is that depression and dysomnia feed off each other, which means the more depressed you are, the more difficult it will be for you to sleep and vice versa.

As for the physical causes, these include hormonal changes in women and decrease in melatonin. It is also believed that asthma, high blood pressure, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, Alzheimer's diseases, arthritis, Parkinson's diseases and allergies can also trigger insomnia. Some medications used for treating these diseases, such as beta blockers, are also believed be the cause of this condition.

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9 Responses to What Are The Causes Of Insomnia

  1. Ashley says:

    What causes insomnia like this?
    For the last few days my body has been acting incredibly screwy…. About 3 nights ago i woke up with sudden nausea, a little out of the ordinary for me since i never seen to get sick. And it seems since that night i have not been able to sleep at all. What is happening with my body to make this insomnia so bad?

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    • Not really enough information on that to say what the issue would be. Have you been having any other odd symptoms duing the day?

      Were you just feeling nausea, or sweating as well, or heart racing, or anything else?

      Usually insomnia is from stress if you’ve never had it before, and just get it all of a sudden.

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  2. Maximillian T says:

    Can my right deviated septum be causing insomnia, dizziness and fatigue?
    Not many people know what this is, but it’s basically inside the nostrils. The septum, when deviated, causes blockage in breathing. Can having one side blocked perpetually cause brain damage, insomnia and dizziness? I can get an operation for it, but my grandfather had it done and all he got from it was pain, it didn’t work for him. Probably because of his age and he started developing it around my age(23).

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  3. Christopher says:

    What is the probability of getting insomnia if you are on these two medicines?
    If one medicine causes insomnia in 28% of patients, and the other causes insomnia in 26% of patients, what is the probability that you will get insomnia if you are on both medicines?

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  4. fluke_o_nature says:

    What causes insomnia?
    My friend is having trouble getting to sleep. He will often lay in bed and go into a “coma” like state for about an hour and says it is a little bit refreshing but not enough. He stays up into the un-godly hours on the computer, doing homework, ect. because he has a hard time falling asleep and staying alseep for appropriate amounts of time to function properly. I just want to know if there is a cure since he has tried medication, herbal and perscription, and everything else all the way to counting sheep. It doesn’t work.

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    • Gina A says:

      Chemical imbalance. Just because we eat a LOT does not mean we get nourishment the body needs. Tell him to take a good multi-vitamin and to start to watch what he eats and drinks before bedtime. Caffeine and chocolate can disturb the sleep cycle. Everyone sleeps in cycles. We experience at least 5 cycles where we sleep lightly, then deeper, then the deepest, and then we come back to the light stage. Most people don’t wake fully and they don’t realize that the night is passed in cycles. He is most likely waking fully and with the realization that he’s awake, he gets mad and further breaks his sleep cycle. Tell him to accept it and try not to shift moods, and hopefully this will lessen the ‘awake’ time. Lack of sleep can cause a myriad of problems or can be a symptom of many others. Tell him to seek a good doctor and fess up.

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  5. Mason S says:

    What causes Insomnia?
    I have been having problems getting to sleep over the past 3-4 days, I go to bed around 1am and can never get to sleep. I am only able to get to sleep if I take Tylenol PM AND Alteril (somnia latoril) If I am lucky. I went to bed last night at 1:30am and didn’t get to sleep at all and ended up giving up and getting out of bed at 8:30am.

    I’m only 14 and I need my sleep, should I be worried about this? Is it worth going to the doctor about? And if so, which doctor should I visit?

    Is it another problem that is causing the insomnia? Is there a temporary solution that I can use to get to sleep?

    If someone could please give me an answer as soon as they can, it is much appreciated.

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    • Aura says:

      Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease, of any of several sleep disorders.

      From my experience, insomnia occurs when a person is either depressed or very worried. My mother told me when I was little and didn’t want to go to bed, to clear my mind of all thoughts and then I will fall asleep.

      I’m 18 now, and the mind clearing doesn’t work anymore. I too have some kind of a sleep disorder and I know how difficult it is to convince your brain that everything is normal and it should rest.

      Btw, if you don’t sleep from 1 am to 8 am, thn when do you sleep? I presume you do sleep sometime…

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