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A Mattress Wedge - The Answer To Many Health And Sleep Problems

Author: Dianna Smith

The mattress wedge or wedge pillow is sometimes the answer to many different problems. If you have any of several health or sleep conditions such as breathing, acid reflux, back or neck problems, or poor circulation, this may be the answer to your problems. Mattress wedges can be used to raise the head for a variety of reasons as well as raising the legs for circulation problems.

Why Use A Mattress Wedge?

A mattress wedge can be different sizes depending upon your preference. The main aspect of the pillow is the support that it provides for whatever reason you may need it. The foam wedge pillows are designed to be multi-functional and of the material that will provide just the right amount of support for neck, head, shoulders or legs.

One of the great things about the pillows are they can be used even if you are not suffering from any problems. They are recommended by health professionals to keep from developing problems in the future. The mattress wedge is comfortable and will help to keep your body properly aligned while you sleep. Many people sleep without their spine being aligned which will eventually cause problems.

The wedge pillows are used for acid reflux. By keeping the head elevated, it helps to keep the contents of the stomach from making their way to the esophagus. This is the main cause of acid reflux and when you lie flat it takes away the gravity that is present when you are standing. This makes it much easier for the stomach contents to come up rather than going into the small intestine where they are supposed to go.

Also used to help the asthma sufferer, these pillows will allow your head to be elevated which makes it easier for you to breathe. When using a regular pillow your head can sink down into the pillow. This can cause the asthma sufferer not to be able to breathe but by sleeping on a mattress wedge pillow your head is elevated which makes breathing much easier.

The wedge pillow used for sleep apnea can help keep the soft tissue in the back of the throat open so the instance of this problem can be lessened. There are many people who use this method of solving this problem because sleep apnea can be quite dangerous. The wedges seem to work much better than using pillows for the same purpose. They are much firmer and do not slip around like pillows. They do not need to be adjusted constantly to keep them in place and the comfort is far superior to using pillows.

Are There Different Types of Wedge Pillows?

There are different angle wedges so that you are sure to get just the right degree of elevation. Some are specifically designed to keep swollen legs and feet at the right angle to let the blood circulate correctly. This is extremely vital to healing. For those who have problems in the upper body, there are wedges that will keep the arms, chest, back and head in the right position to allow the most comfortable position possible.

There are also memory foam wedge pillow which have visco that will transfer the heat from your body to the pillow. This allows it to shape to your body for a comfortable fit. The pillow is inclined so your head is not too low. Or if you are using it to elevate swollen areas they will still be in the correct position to receive the proper amount of circulation.

Since 1/3 of your day should be spent resting, you should sleep in the most favorable environment possible. A mattress wedge pillow could be the answer to many of your health and sleep issues.

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10 Responses to Sleep Problems

  1. The pink Soccer ball says:

    Sleep problems?
    I’ve been having horrible sleeping problems lately, I cant fall asleep and when I finally do, I only sleep for like an hour, I stuggle so hard to get rest. My Dr. put me on Ambien, but it dosen’t seem to be doing anything. Are there any natural ways to get to sleep and stay sleeping? Anything that makes you really sleepy? Please help me.

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    • Ginny G says:

      Ambien doesnt work for everyone. A natural remedy you can take is Melatonin, a hormone that you secrete in the night, it is made in your pineal gland. It is inhibited by light so make sure you are not in bright light at night, keep lights dim before bed and sleep in complete darkness. If you get up to use the bathroom, use a red light to see (I have one in my bathroom).

      About the melatonin:
      1) Take a low dose (0.3 to 1mg is plenty) or at least cut the pill in half if it is higher than this. You will find it where vitamins are sold.
      2) There is a brand called “sleep MD” that is a mixture of melatonin and other natural products (such as valerian root-also helps sleep) that you can also buy over the counter. It really helps my sleep.
      3) Take either one either one half an hour before bedtime, or you can take it after you wake up.

      Other natural behavioral remedies that work:

      1) light therapy-sit in front of a bright light in the morning, it helps regulate your circadian rhythm. If you dont have one, get plenty of natural sunlight during the daytime.

      2) Write down anything stressing you or things you need to remember before you go to bed and forget about them.

      3) Dont drink caffeine or alcohol before or even close to your bedtime.

      If your problem still persists see your doctor about having a sleep study done, they will monitor your sleep at night with electrodes (not painful but uncomfortable) and see if you have any type of sleep disorder such as sleep apnea.

      I hope you get some sleep soon! Do all of the above and I am sure that you will.

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  2. Jessica says:

    Sleep Problems?
    By sleep problems I mean I’m not sleeping at all! I have always been a night person but it’s getting to be ridiculous. I just don’t seem to get tired anymore. I have been going to bed around 7-8 AM in the morning and I usually get up around 1 PM. Last night I didn’t go to bed at all. Although I feel asleep for about an hour in the car today, I haven’t slept for about 32 hours. The problem is, is that I don’t even really feel that tired right now. I know my body needs rest and how important it is to sleep, but I’m just not tired. What’s wrong with me?

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    • Hazel T. says:

      wow everyone is having this problem! go to bed, and put on soothing music if you like, hope I helped! =D

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  3. ashely says:

    sleep problems?
    i have really bad sleep problems i wake up at least 4 times a night restless and cant go back to bed what should i do?

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    • [Marine Wife] says:

      Try sleeping pills for a weeks or 2. On the back of the box it usualy says do not take for more than like 2 weeks (depending on the brand). I have sleeping problems too. I can not fall asleep at night for anything. This has happened ever since my husband has joined the Marines and has been gone. I think it has to do with stress or something thats on my mind. If the sleeping pills dont help, go see a doctor. He will get you on some medicine. As for me, I only take the sleeping pills occasiaonally now. And of course, I didn’t 2nite and that would explian why Im on Yahoo Answers a 1:15am. So, if the sleepign pills dont work, or u take them for too long, go see a doctor!

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  4. elkagrl149 says:

    !!!!SLEEP PROBLEMS!!!!!!!?
    This happens to me everyday. I come home from school about 5ish and when i start doing my homework, i get super super tired. Sometimes I fall asleep but sometimes i am able to stay awake. But then later on, when I get ready for bed and i get into bed, i have trouble sleeping. I eventually get to sleep but it takes me a while. If anybody has any ideas, I would be grateful to hear ANYTHING.
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

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  5. just some 1 says:


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    • lagalley says:

      I would not take sleeping pills like the first person said! They are addicting! I have the same problem and so does my son! It’s horrible I know your feeling! I read to get to sleep it is the ONLY way I can fell asleep! I read true crime books so they are pretty interesting you should try one! Anyway you are horribly stressed out right now because of your mock gcse’s which I have not a single clue what the heck that is but anyway you are thinking to much and your brain is not relaxing because of everything you are thinking! LOL Okay so My suggestion would be to take NyQuil it works really well but only take it a few days at a time. Then go a day or two off this is definitely not a long term suggestion but maybe when your body gets readjusted to going to sleep at a decent hour than you will be able to fall asleep on your own!

      Good Luck and I hope you do well with your mock gcse’s???LOL

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