How To Get To Sleep Fast

How to Go to Sleep Fast ...

How To Stop Sleep Talking

Author: Trevor Johnson

You're probably the last person to find out whether or not you sleep talk. But if you've ever been told by someone close to you that you natter away in your sleep, here's some help with how to stop sleep talking. You can read about why we talk in our sleep, contact essays writers, but it is worth remembering that our body is as relaxed as possible during sleep, but people who talk in their sleep cannot rest normally, because the brain is focused on reproduction information

Cut your stress levels

Stress is a common cause of sleep talking and our modern day life styles seem almost custom designed to increase our stress levels. Whether it's pressure at work or at home, stress is all around. Whilst some stress is good for you, too much can manifest itself in all sorts of ways including sleep talking. Think about different methods of relaxation to help reduce your stress levels: relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation can help.

Don't eat close to bed time

Too much food, especially if it's a heavy meal, can adversely impact your sleep patterns. In turn, this can lead to a greater likelihood of sleep talking. Change your eating patterns so that you give yourself time to digest your food before you settle down for the night.

Get into a routine

If your sleeping routine is too varied or haphazard, your body finds it hard to cope with the variations and isn't really sure whether it should be awake or asleep. This can lead to more sleep talking in a lot of people so make sure that you keep a reasonably regular routine for the time you go to sleep.

Use hypnosis

Because it works at such a deep level, using hypnosis for sleep talking can be an excellent way to combat your problem. It's cheap and surprisingly effective.

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10 Responses to How To Get To Sleep Fast

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you get to sleep faster?
    I get into bed fairly early, but I go to sleep really late, I just stay awake for 1, 2, 3 hours.

    I don’t want to take any medicine, I want natural things. My mum gave me a lavender candle thats supposed to help you drop off… Any other ideas?

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    • Jackie H says:

      Take a hot bath before you lay down. You could also eat turkey, there is an ingredient in turkey that helps people fall asleep. Also if you exercise, that should help you relax at night and fall asleep.

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  2. The Con says:

    How many Advil PM’s will it take to get me to sleep fast?
    I have a huge headache and little aches and pains all over. I just want to get to sleep fast! I have a little bottle of Advil PM in my fridge, and I want to know how many to take.
    I was thinking 3-4.
    Any ideas?

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    • lana says:

      First of all I don’t think you should keep it in the fridge.Check with a pharmacy on that,your the first person I’ve ever heard of who keeps aspirin in the fridge. I and a several other people I know take 4 Advil ,Aleve or extra strength Tylenol etc. all the time and it won’t kill you.But depending on how often you do it,it will eventually irritate your stomach.

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  3. LAX13 says:

    How do you get to sleep fast and easily?
    I am no good at getting to sleep, it can take me until midnight to get to sleep on an average night. What can I do that will get me to sleep faster?

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    • Red2Arremer says:

      Ummm, things that you can try are…

      1. Have good dinner
      2. Take a bath or hot shower before you go to bed
      3. Don’t think or worry too much about something before you go to bed
      4. Drink warm milk
      5. Use comfortable ear plugs and eye masks when you sleep
      6. Listen to good music that helps you to relax
      7. Don’t take a nap after 5pm
      8. Don’t drink beverages with caffeine

      I hope these help…

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  4. lisa-marie. says:

    How are easy ways to get to sleep fast?
    Okay, so it’s starting to come end of the summer holidays, and I’m going into year 10.
    I’ve been staying up ridicolously late, through out the whole six weeks, and now I’m wanting to get into a routine to get to sleep quicker, please give some ideas if you have any, don’t give me any pointless shit. Thank-you. :)

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    • Jake says:

      meditate. if you don’t know a way to meditate, try this.

      lay down in your bed. turn off all lights/distractions. find a small dot somewhere, or a point of focus. look at this dot. while keeping your eyes on the dot, become conscious of all of the muscles in your body. think of the stress you have been putting on your muscles. then, make an effort to relax them. start at your feet, and work your way up. your body should be like a limp pile of rubber bands. then, the next time you blink, use it as an excuse to close your eyes. once they are closed, think of something beautiful or peaceful to you, Perhaps a memory, or a flower. lock this in your mind’s eye. let your thoughts wander, but keep that picture as your focus.

      stay like this until sleep comes.

      hope this helps!

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  5. Candy C says:

    How do you get to sleep fast?
    I can’t get to sleep for ages and end up going to sleep late and become really tired in the morning, so what can I do to get to sleep fast. (Please dont say drink or take pills)

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