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How To Naturally Fall Asleep

Author: Trevor Johnson

People have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for many years now. We all see the commercials for sleeping pills everyday. This can be tempting when you have not slept in many days. Before you call your doctor to get sleeping pills I would like to give you some tips on how to naturally fall asleep. Of course, if you want to read more about "insomnia" as a disease or even as a phenomenon in the cultural space, go to order-essays.com to satisfy your interest.

Sleeping pills can leave you feeling groggy and unrested. If you wake up feeling like you did not get any rest how is that better than actually not getting sleep? There are several safe and effective ways to fall asleep naturally without medication.

You may believe that nothing will help you sleep the way sleeping pills can but if you are already not sleeping it wont actually hurt to just try these things first. Tea is a great natural way to get to sleep. A hot cup of tea is soothing and relaxing but there are also teas made with herbs that can help you get to sleep.

Chamomile tea, Catnip tea, Valerian root tea all of these teas are great for getting to sleep. If you do not like to drink tea you can also try a warm glass of milk. There is no scientific reason that warm milk helps you sleep but I can tell you from personal experience that it works.

I personally believe that it is the relaxing feeling you get from the warm milk in your stomach. You should also not have anything with caffeine before bed. Avoid sodas, alcohol, and even smoking. Aromatherapy is also a great way to fall asleep naturally.

You can use aromatherapy candles in your bedroom if you like - just be sure to put them out before bed. You can also try having a hot aromatherapy bath just before bed. Falling asleep naturally is basically just finding the right bedtime routine that works for you.

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9 Responses to Fall Asleep Naturally

  1. 21love says:

    How can I fall asleep naturally?
    I often times have trouble falling asleep when it’s time for bed. My significant other doesn’t get home from work until after 2:30am, and at that time supper is cooked and waiting for him. We go to bed anywhere between 3:30 and 5:00am. I have prescription Ambien, but I’d rather sleep naturally, and Melatonin does not work for me. This morning I lied awake until after 7am. Help!
    I have indeed been diagnosed with insomnia years ago.

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  2. Amelia C says:

    is there anything that will help me fall asleep naturally?
    i’ve taken sleeping pills, other sedative medication & valerian root but i didn’t like the drowsy side effects and the valerian made me feel really down for some reason. is there anything i can use to help me fall asleep without negative side effects? i’m sick of resorting to drugs to make me sleep cos it just makes me feel worse. don’t say alcohol cos that screws up your sleeping pattern.

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    • nl says:

      Try to wake up early and exercise your body, before go to bed take a warm bath and read an interesting book but very important try to go to bed at the same hour every night and wake up at the same hour trying to maintain a routine you will see results soon.

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  3. Gizmo says:

    Any ideas on how to fall asleep naturally and sleep through the night without sleeping aids?

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    • whtcamp says:

      To Bad you didn’t tell us how old you are. Generally if you have too much on your mind it will affect your sleep. If you are young it might be something else

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  4. Cheyenne;Get Some:) says:

    How do I fall asleep, naturally no pills:)?
    Sorry, I really don’t know what category to put this under;)

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  5. Jacob says:

    What’s the best way to fall asleep naturally?
    I need more sleep for school in the morning, but I don’t actually pass out till about 2-5 AM, i go to sleep at 10:00PM. what are some of the best ways to fall asleep? And if you possibly know a way to instantly pass out (even if it might harm me in some way) then please do tell.

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