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Insomnia Racing Brain - The Best Chronic Insomnia Treatment

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Insomnia Racing Brain

If you are one of the millions of unlucky consumers suffering based on what i read in sleepless nights, you are no reservation looking for a form of chronic insomnia treatment. This brand of form happens when you own a lot of problems buying to sleep and experience trouble staying a sleep for a duration of a large amount of months, or probably nonetheless years. But before we examine a good chronic insomnia treatment, we fancy to look at what leads to this moment condition.

Often, people will suffer through an occasional night where they have trouble sleeping. This is often because they are worried about something, and when that passes, they are fine. There are some very simple tricks these insomnia sufferers can do to get more sleep. But chronic insomnia treatment is needed when this occurs night after night, month after month, year after year. For these people, getting sleep will be tougher, but it is still doable if you have the right game plan. Insomnia Racing Brain

Those who have long bouts with insomnia often try sleeping pills, but this is probably the worst treatment for lack of sleep. Many patients become addicted to these medications, they suffer from a number of side effects, and if they stop taking the sleeping pills, their insomnia returns right away. Fortunately, there are quite a few chronic insomnia treatment options that are totally natural.

Often, finding treatment for nagging insomnia is a matter is using trial and error. The good news is that there are a number of ways to get more sleep without the use of drugs. Do your body a favour. Have a good sleep tonight! Download your Insomnia Racing Brain eBook now!

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10 Responses to Treatment For Chronic Insomnia

  1. dmknappy says:

    Recommended benzodiazepines for severe chronic insomnia?
    Since the age of two I was diagnosed with insomnia.

    I previously have asked this question in regards to medicinal catalysts to ‘mask’ my insomnia. I quote the term ‘mask’ as there is no exact cure for the treatment insomnia.

    I do not want to hear irrelevant answers from people who know nothing of pharmaceutical/medicinal intervention.

    I am use to self-adminstering Nalbuphine and Phenergan, thus I have no contraindications nor problems with self-administering medicine.

    I currently am leaning toward Hydroxyzine 100mg/ml IM prn insomnia. My case of insomnia is not consecutively every night, hence the prn.

    I favor injection for the simple reason that if I lay in bed and fail to fall asleep, I would rather administer IM Vistaril as the onset would be 8-12 mins and quickly sedate me.

    What are your opinions? I don’t want to hear how self-injecting medicine will cause more harm than needed when I have been on the needle for years now just for Migraines.
    Again, I don’t want to hear reference to PO medications. I ask for injectable medicinal solutions and not oral.

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  2. basmah says:

    Insomnia of Michael Jackson?
    I have chronic insomnia. The Michael Jackson such a rich man fail to treat insomnia? No treatment for my chronic insomnia?.

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  3. Galen says:

    What is the best treatment option for Severe Chronic Insomnia when most other treatments have failed?
    Background: These are the medications I have been on for sleep (none have worked): Chloral Hydrate, Ambein, Lunesta, Sonata, most antihistamines (incl. Hydroxyzine), most benzo’s (incl. Nitrazepam, Xanax bars, Klonopin, etc.), Trazedone. My doctor ramped most of these up to their maximum doses before finding them ineffective for me.

    NOTE: I also tried some other drugs (the street kind) which only made me high and not sleepy – including green crack (a special variant of MJ where I live – knocks most people out in a half hour – despite the name there is no ‘crack’ in it) – and alcohol, which only gave me a bleeding ulcer – note that MJ is legal in my state for medicinal use (for which I have a license)

    I have co-occuring severe depression with psychosis so I’m also on 800mg Seroquel, and Mirtazepine (Remeron) 60mg, and some other SSRI’s/NERI’s (fluvoxamine, and ecitalopram). I’ve also been on Thorazine, Risperdal, and Zyprexa (none of which helped me sleep) – thorazine made me groggy, but not sleepy.

    Any help on other options would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up early -I get about an hour to three hours in bed sleep at night and about 1-2 hours microsleep during the day. Also, I don’t drive (cause I start seeing and hearing things when I’ve been up for a while and I doze into microsleep sometimes).
    EDIT: I’ve also used halcion (triazolam) with no effect – 1/2mg a night.

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    • dbann says:

      I was just wondering if you had tried a more ‘natural’ approach to correcting your insomnia as opposed to all the medications. I had a conditon a year ago that required me to take a lot of prescription meds. Some of these meds actually contributed to my lack of sleep. I was tired all day, couldn’t concentrate and this did not help the depression that I was suffering from due to the medical condition either. My doctor prescribed more medications for the insomnia and I became increasingly concerned about having to mix so many medications. So, I decided to try the natural methods and they did help me.

      Good sleep hygiene and sleep habits:

      You need to schedule a bed time and stick with it.
      Turn off that television about an hour before bedtime. (That means no watching TV in the bedroom.)
      Eliminate or greatly reduce your intake of caffeine.
      Do not snack before bedtime.

      Another thing that you may want to try is binaural beats (meditation).

      This one worked really well for me, not only as a sleep tool, but also helped me to relax. Brainwave entrainment is a way of training your brain to settle into a different pattern. It can be done with audio or visual methods, but the one most commonly used for insomnia treatment is audio tones.

      There are many online stores that offer these tracks and they can be downloaded following purchase. Some of them are more expensive than others. I purchased some inexpensive meditation audio tracks from this site as a test and they really did help.

      I know just how miserable life can be, when you can’t get enough sleep. I do wish you luck and sweet dreams.

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  4. maddy says:

    what are the types; consequences and treatments for chronic insomnia?
    I need some information about chronic insomnia from those who have expereinced it in some way and know more than just the typical clinical answer.
    how will having chronic insomnia affect your life, how will it affect your personality, what will it stop you doing and at its worst how little could you be sleeping a night/week? and how much could you be sleeping at most?
    what are the long term problems; treatment ideas and consequences from suffering chronic insomnia for a period of around 10 years?

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    • Houston says:

      have you ever had not slept for one night? How did you feel the next day? Multiply this now by x nights that chronic insomnia may last and this is the state you would be in – tired – headache – difficult to function properly – arguments with colleagues, friends, family – and you cannotfind the way out. You want to sleep as much as you can , but nothing works for you. This is how i felt some time ago untill i tried relaxation methods by playing alphamusic in the background. I now regullary exercise as well, and i am so tired after this that i dont have any problems to have a good night sleep. I understand from these questions that you didnt develop chronic insomnia yet but you are affraid you could or someone close to you have developed this already. Try relaxation before going to bed, meditation and alphamusic + good doze of exercises will help you too.

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  5. eric says:

    Which is better for the treatment of chronic insomnia, seroquel or Amitriptyline?
    I have had really bad insomnia for almost two months now. This is mainly due to night time anxieties. I worry over too much random things at night, and it keeps me up. It is incredibly frustrating and makes daily life really hard to get through sometimes. Not only am I tired all day, but it has increased my anxiety and I get depressed a lot easier. I would only get maybe three hours a night if I was lucky. I tried ambien, and it knocks me right out, but usually I wake up after only just three or four hours of sleep in the middle of the night and I have a hard time falling back asleep.
    I got put on amitriptyline by my doctor, and so far it has helped a little bit. Though it doesn’t stop me from worrying at night, it still helps me sleep better than if I wasn’t on it. I’ll still wake up during the middle of the night, but i find it easier to fall back asleep because I’m so drowsy. With it I get anywhere from 5 to 8 hours of sleep total, 8 if I’m lucky.
    I was reading up on seroquel, and it seems to be a drug that doctors prescribe for insomnia too. Reading about it, it seems that there are less side effects to seroquel than amitripyline. I was gonna see my doctor in a week or two and ask him if he could put me on seroquel to try for a bit. Would seroquel be the better choice, or should I stick with amitripyline?

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    • Stephen says:

      seroquel is an antipsychotic and as a side effect causes sedation. It is also expensive so its unlikely that your doctor would or culd prescribe this. If what you are using isn’t working then antidepressant (SSRI) would be a better choice as these work with anxiety tooo. Seeing a psychologist to help manage your anxiety may be wothwhile too

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