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5 Useful Tips to Overcome Insomnia and Get a Good Night's Sleep

Author: Trevor Johnson

Insomnia can be caused by lots of different things. For most of us, it doesn't happen very often but even the occasional sleepless night can cause major disruption in our regular life. So what can be done to overcome insomnia?

1. Cut down on the caffeine

In moderation, caffeine is good at helping us to concentrate and stay awake. But too much coffee and cola can keep your body too active. Because caffeine is addictive, cut down gradually otherwise you run the risk of headaches and other side effects. Cut down "backwards" through the day - cutting out the latest time coffee intake first.

2. Go to bed at a regular time

Our bodies like routine. If you're going to bed at 10pm one night then 3am the next, and so on, then your body will get confused. Keep a reasonably regular bedtime to give your body a chance.

3. Give your brain time to unwind

If you're working on that project until a couple of minutes before you go to bed, your brain will be working on it for an hour or two longer. It doesn't have an on/off switch like a computer - your brain will keep you awake if you don't give it chance to slow down before you go to sleep.

4. Learn to relax

Sure, this is easier said than done at times. But relaxation is a skill you can learn just like any other. Everyone is different on this - take the time to work out what helps you to relax and practice that relaxation for a few minutes before you retire to bed.

5. Check your room temperature

We all have an optimum sleeping temperature. If your bedroom is too warm or too cold, this could be causing some of your insomnia problem. This is especially true "between seasons" where the winter duvet kept you warm at night but now cooks you instead.

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10 Responses to Overcome Insomnia

  1. sugarfree_eyes says:

    How does one overcome insomnia without drugs?
    I cant sleep fall asleep at night so stay up at times for 48 hours straight. This is unhealthy. Is there anything I can do?

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    • evy says:

      This may sound odd and it takes a little practice.
      While laying in bed trying to sleep clench every muscle in your body as hard as you can before they cramp and count to 20. Then relax them and count to 20. Do this over and over, usually 10 or so times. You will develop a rhythm and know when you have done it enough. Some chemical in your body will get into your muscles and relax them. It’s worth a shot.

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  2. Stephanie the Amazing says:

    How can I overcome insomnia due to taking Adderall?
    Recently, I started taking Adderall at 20 mg, but found it ineffective, so my doctor has steadily increased my dosage to the point where I am now taking 60 mg/day. It’s great from the aspect that now I feel that I can finally focus and function like a normal adult. However, as a result, I now suffer from insomnia.

    My dr. wanted to put me on Ambien to resolve the problem, but I suffered from dangerous sleepwalking episodes when being on it in the past. We compromised and I agreed to take 1mg Ativan/Lorazepram, but I am afraid of the risk of dependency; after just 1 week I already find that I need to take at least 2 mg in order to fall asleep. Additionally, it makes it very difficult for me to wake up in the mornings.

    Is there any way I can control my ADHD without having to suffer insomnia? I can accept being stuck on ADHD meds for life, but dealing with the insomnia meds seems so risky! Is there any hope in other agents like Lunesta?

    How can I resolve this issue in a safe manner?

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    • nonlinear says:

      Take your Adderall first thing in the morning and cut out all caffine and alcohol (gradually if you need to).

      I would take the advice of some of the others on the list about insomnia. Look it up and fight it seperatly when you know you have the chemicals out the way at bedtime.

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  3. Jimmy D. says:

    Whats a good way to overcome insomnia?
    I can’t sleep most nights.
    I just lay in the dark but don’t fatigue at all.
    How can i get to sleep fast so I’m not tired in the afternoon?
    Isn’t 14 too young to buy sleeping pills, especially as protective as my parents are with night wandering.

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    • Wesley says:

      Alright Jim, get ready for a long explanation.

      1. Find out when your time of greatest fatigue is in the evening. At least an hour before your time of greatest fatigue, take a warm bath, slightly warmer than body temperature, soak and relax for 20 minutes or so. (It is important to note that a shower just won’t do.) A bath is strongly recommended.

      2. Have a warm beverage, preferably not coffee or tea.

      3. Discontinue thoughts of problems that you have, or what needs to be done tomorrow. If you are worried about forgetting what you have to do tomorrow, write it down.

      4. Stay away from stimulating thoughts and televi­sion shows. If you must read, then read something that is boring.

      5. Reserve your bed for sleep. Do reading and televi­sion watching from a chair only.

      6. Get into bed at least 20 minutes before your apex of maximum fatigue. Once in bed, if worries begin to pop into your mind, tell yourself, “I’ll think about it tomorrow, I’ll think about it tomorrow”. This will go a long way toward eliminating excessive thoughts and can be repeated several times. Do not try to make your mind blank. Do not try to fall asleep. Just allow yourself to rest.

      8. Running a fan motor can also help in­duce sleep as it will tend to cover up outside noises and the monotonous drone of the fan generally proves to be very relaxing.

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  4. Konstandina M says:

    How to feel happier in life and overcome insomnia,ocd and depression?
    I have been suffering for 3 years from clinical depression and lately ocd

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    How do I overcome my insomnia?
    I suffer from insomnia and have been for 3 years, the doctor’s advice really doesnt work.
    Just woundering if there is any one out there who knows how to overcome it?

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    • ^nez^ says:

      An all natural sleep aid is best for insomnia. Try to sleep well again without taking up some harmful drugs that can cause you to suffer form other ailment aside from insomnia. Sleep So Good cream is definitely the right sleep aid for you coz this product won’t let you face those scary side effects on treating insomnia.

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