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5 Parenting Tips to Get Your Baby to Fall to Sleep Faster

Author: Julie ann


Are you trying to get your baby to take a nap? It's not always easy to get your baby to sleep when you want him or her to. Here are 5 parenting tips to help your baby fall asleep a little quicker and maybe easier too!


First and most important is to make her crib comfortable. Make sure the crib has clean sheets and arranged neatly. Check the air temperature of the room and make sure the crib is in a comfortable spot in the room.


The second tip is to make sure your baby is comfortable. Did she eat enough? Is she bathed and clean? Has her diaper been changed? These are all steps to take to make sure your baby is comfortable!


Make sure your baby's room is free of any sunlight or at least out of the direct light. If you have blinds or curtains, shut them. It is not necessary for his room to be in complete darkness, as long as there is a little light shining through.


Baby's love white noise, the sound of your hair dryer or even the dish washer may be comforting to him. Remember your baby spent nine months inside you and he or she used to fall asleep to your heartbeat everynight!


Look for signs of tiredness. Usually when your baby is rubbing his or her eyes this can be a sign that they are ready for bed.


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9 Responses to Tips To Help Fall Asleep

  1. lulu37 says:

    What are some tips to fall asleep?
    I would like to fall asleep faster sometimes it takes me 30 minutes and i get distracted and listen to the radio, please help!

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    • Vree says:

      I noticed by you asking many other questions just like this that you are really desperate. I used to have the same problem. It took me usually an hour to go to sleep (no joke) and I was miserable. In sixth grade, I had to get up at 5:45 for school after falling asleep at 10:00…if I was lucky. I asked my friends for help, and they gave me many ideas. Now I sleep very easily. Here are the tips:

      - A good way on going to sleep is exercising right before. I jog down a few blocks right after dinner is great, because not only are you tiring yourself quicker, you’re burning the calories you just ate at dinner. If you can’t do that, do some exercising inside. One I used to do was doing sit-ups while in bed. It helped, but nobody really likes crunches.

      - Instead of counting sheep jumping over a fence (a popular way on falling asleep) count chickens laying eggs. I know, strange isn’t it? Just imagine a chicken laying an egg, followed by a soft ding to mark the number. It actually works. Another way is a moose or deer butting another, so that every crack of the antlers amuses you as you count them.

      - A thing many people don’t know is that if you keep your brain active while trying to fall asleep, it’s actually harder for you to sleep. Try not to think of anything, and keep the room dark and quiet.

      - If you want to fall asleep with a radio, you can put a stop to that right now. Radios are on the loud side, and it won’t help you go off to dreamland any quicker. Listen to songs that are calming and soothing, such as the sounds of nature. My favorites are:

      If you just want relaxing music, Enya is an absolute must. Trust me, you will LOVE her music:

      Well, this is all the help I can give you. Good luck with your sleeping problems. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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  2. chickiie88 says:

    Got any tips to help fall asleep?
    I’m such a light sleeper, and i’ve always had trouble falling asleep. It doesn’t matter if i eat/drink before bed or not.

    I always watch a movie as i fall asleep, as the sound in the background helps. But usually i’m not tired enough to fall asleep on time. It is not as bad when i’m at home and can entertain myself, but it is hard when i am at someone else’s house, or sleeping somewhere else. Do you have any tips to help me fall asleep, or become more tired?

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    • kaybay.elohveee says:

      I read this tip from Self Magazine.
      It has helped me a LOT!

      Lay in any position you want to [preferably your back or side], clear your head, rest your hands on your stomach and breathe in and out slowly. Breathe in slowly for 5 seconds, breathe out for 5 seconds.

      The only thing on your mind then is counting, and all you’re doing is slowing your heartbeat so you fall asleep.

      Hope this helps you as it has helped me a lot :)

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  3. Cristley says:

    Tips to help me fall asleep?
    Should I drink some hot cocoa or what?

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  4. sillysocks17 says:

    what are some tips to fall asleep easier?
    I have already tried that “tea and relaxation” stuff, and i get plenty of excercise early in the day but i rarely ever fall asleep before 1 am, ill lay in complete darkness/silence for hours, i even cover my clock and i know its not because im worring, so what gives? HELP

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    • All U Need Is Love says:

      Do not eat or drink anything for an hour before you go to bed. I had the same problem and I went to the doctor and that’s what he told me and it worked. When you eat, it takes longer than you think to finish digesting the food, so when you’re laying in bed, the insides of your body are still moving around and it can make it harder to fall asleep.
      Good Luck.

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  5. DancerButt. says:

    Any tips to fall asleep at a sleepover?
    Me and my friends have this annual sleepover the night before school starts and we can never fall asleep. And we need sleep becuase we have school the next day. Any tips to help us get to bed faster?

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    • Snarky Condescendo says:

      First make sure everyone brings their own pillow from home.

      Make sure there is no light or distracting noises.

      Ask your parents for Benadryl Popcicles.

      While you are eating the popcicles, ask whoever’s father is there to tell you all about his highschool days. You’ll be asleep in 10 minutes.

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