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You have severe insomnia ...

Sleep Apnea Symptoms - Analyze If Your Insomnia is Already Severe

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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

At some points of your life, you may experience a total number of instances where you had trouble sleeping or keeping in a state of sleep. With the vast usage of the internet, you can easily end up with resources and articles related to insomnia if you had experience it. You can in effect find an overwhelming level of info about the subject.

But how do you know that your insomnia is already categorized as monumental insomnia? Here's how you ought to can identify if you already have chronic insomnia.

* You experience a great deal of difficulty going to sleep render you no or very little time spend to sleep

* You keep waking up at night in turn rendering you to have interrupted sleeps

* Uncontrolled sleeplessness during the day

* Irritability when you wake up

* Most often than not, you are unable to perform simple mental tasks like simple problem-solving and decision making Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Emphases on these symptoms are the following which would conclude your analysis if you have a chronic insomnia:

* These happens regularly, meaning almost all the time

* The levels of intensity are increasing each time

* The effects are great and significant like in your mental capacity Prolonged stress is one major cause of chronic or severe insomnia. Especially negative stressors that tend to last for a long period of time like loss of a loved one or a long term personal or family problem are situations that can prolong your stress. Psychiatric conditions also cause severe insomnia especially on patients with anxiety disorders. Fears are the most common stressors for these psychologically disturbed individuals.

A disruptive sleep is another cause. There are people who easily are awakened by just about anything even the lightest footsteps. Another most common condition that renders severe insomnia is very intense pain and maybe associated with other medical conditions and diseases like some types of cancer and surgical operations respectively. Sleep is very important for a person, regardless of the age you may have. The body uses this time to regenerate and sort of refuel itself for the next day's activities.

Also, sleeping makes the body rest. This prepares the body to be once again alert and to function effectively, physically and mentally. It is believed that the body needs around 7 up to 9 hours of regular sleep everyday. This is the ideal number of hours in order for your body to rest fully. With insomnia, this chance to recharge is not meet, thus affecting almost all of the body's function.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to act at once you observed that you are starting to have insomnia. Acting at once will prevent this first occurrence to progress and become s. Also, you have to know that a night's sleep is different from a day's sleep. With the proliferation of jobs requiring you to go on a night shift's duty like in call centers, hospitals and even in the entertainment industry, these puts the person prone to become insomniac. Do your body a favour. Have a good sleep tonight! Download your Sleep Apnea Symptoms eBook now!

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10 Responses to Severe Insomnia

  1. tinyxtinyz says:

    Severe Insomnia…?
    I’m 21 and for as long as I can remember, i’ve suffered with severe insomnia.. My mother also has this problem but I believe it to be because of her M.S

    I’ve been to my doctor who just tells me I cannot take sleeping pills as I am too young to get hooked..

    I’ve tried everything, relaxing and watchin movies, listening to music, having warm baths, drinking warm drinks but nothing prevents a bad sleep..

    It usually takes me a good 3 hours to fall asleep, but I always end up waking up a few times through out… ALL I WANT IT A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP :( :( :(

    Nothing seems to be worrying me or playing on my mind, so what can I do?
    i’ve recently been checked for Anemia, and everything was clear….

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    • Violet Pearl says:

      If you don’t use caffeine, ask your doctor to check for anemia- it can cause insomnia.

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  2. Zack W says:

    severe insomnia?
    i am 17 yrs old and suffer from severe insomnia. ive talked to my (m.d.) about this and he has prescribed me ambien, lunesta and all that bullshit doesnt work at all for me. I popped 2 ambiens one hour ago and still am not tired. whats the strongest sleeping pill out there?

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    • Heather R♥se says:

      I usually stay up til 3 or 4 in the morning. What I use is melatonin. It is natural, and well, for me, I have to split one 30mg pill or else I sleep forever. It works for me in less than an hour. When I need to get up at say, 7 or 8 in the morning, I need to take a half melatonin at about 9 pm, get sleepy bout 10, lay down and I just nod off til the alarm goes off. It makes me drowsy in the morning, but a shower helps.
      I don’t really like unnatural drugs, so I found the natural way. It is also said to have anti-aging properties.

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  3. lauralee♥ says:

    omg, i have severe insomnia..and im only a teen, so they dont want to give me pills for it exscpecially cause theyre addictive. i havent been to school in 2 weeks and a half…and i cant stand it anymore! the most i sleep is like a hour to two hours and im exhausted during the day im dizzy alot well be cause im so freaken tired! i need help i dont know what to do..ive visited the doctor and they said to force my self to go to school, but i can hardly get up to get dressed …. so thats not the greatest option…what can i do!! PLZ HELP! thank-you so much for taking the time to read this.. :)

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    • Melissa says:

      The first thing you have to do is to stop worrying about the fact that you can’t sleep. When you calm down, you will sleep. Your body will force you to sleep. So just calm down a bit, and that’s the first step. Second of all, don’t lie in bed and think about the fact that you can’t sleep. Play word games with yourself. Try to think of every state in the United States. Try to think of every president. Stuff like that.

      Give yourself a bedtime. Every night go to bed at that time. Read for at least 1/2 hour before you go to bed. Drink some warm milk (yeah, really.)

      You will sleep. (and go to school. Staying home in bed all day is playing havoc with your internal clock.)

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  4. Kathie M says:

    I have severe insomnia, have any of you found a natural way to deal with it?
    I have severe insomnia, have any of you found a natural way to deal with it?

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  5. Jason W says:

    What is the most effective sleep remedy prescription or OTC for severe insomnia with physical distress?
    What is the most effective sleep remedy prescription or OTC for severe insomnia?
    its been over 30 hours and no matter what I do, my head is achey and my pulse is high. Tried klonopin and doesnt seem to do the trick aside from initially relaxing u. Any good suggestions would be helpful

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    • drdjjt says:

      medication for sleep shouldn’t be taken for very long bur for some us it’s the only way to function..

      A small amount of seroquel will make you sleep very well .Also, lunesta, ativan, xanax(my very favorite that works great but gets you addicted quickly, so I had to stop it.) ,klonipin-a longer half life so you don’t have the addiction problem because it doesn’t have that quick withdrawal – restoril,trazadone, ambian which (sleep walking or dangerous to drive)Elavil but it can make you drowsy during the day.

      Some of those get you to sleep,but wake you up in a couple of hours. Some have too much of a hypnotic qualities and could be dangerous driving and make you have temporary loss of memory.

      klonipin started working better for me when the dr. gave me a prescription to divide into 3 doses during the day so I’m less hyper by the end of the night

      . Seroquel puts you out really well but you’ll be tired the next morning until they increase the does to the right amount.

      try a warm shower and keep the temperature in you room cool. Keep the room totally dark,turn the clock towards the wall. Put a fan on in your room for some white noise. Count backwards from 100 by 3′s (very boring) or calm down by thinking about a nice vacation on a warm beach in Hawaii. sweet dreams.

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