Reasons Of Insomnia

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Reasons For Insomnia

Author: Paul Neidig

Insomnia is a symptom which can disturb your several sleep, medical and psychology, characterized by persistent difficulty in falling asleep. Insomnia is followed by functional impairment while awake. Insomnia can be categorized into three cases. The first being when the person will not be able to get sleep at all. The second being that the person might be able to sleep but will wake up in the middle of the night and will not be able to sleep again.

In the third case the person will fall asleep but after waking up he/she will still feel tired. There are many different reasons for insomnia. Some of them are:

Stress is one of the biggest causes of insomnia. Pressure due to work, family, or career makes you stressed. If you are suffering with an uncontrollable stress then start doing yoga. Try to also consult a doctor and get medical treatment. Unhealthy diet disorders are also the main reasons for insomnia. It is very important to eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy diet cycle.  
The pain associated from an injury also causes insomnia. It is difficult to sleep when you are in pain. So you should consult a doctor and get medication to put you to sleep. Knee and back pains are also reasons for insomnia in older people. It is very hard to believe that some of the medications and drugs also cause insomnia. Some drugs can cause a change in your hormonal structure of your body, and causes severe insomnia. Basically our body clock is adjusted to sleep and wake up at a certain time. Irregular work shifts disturbs our body clock and causes insomnia. Travelling across different time zones may also causes insomnia.

As for women they suffer from insomnia due to menstrual period and menopause stage when there is a change in hormonal secretion. It is also difficult to sleep when the food is not digested properly or can not be digested. Thus eat light and less spicy food. Have your food at least two hours before sleep so that your stomach gets enough time to digest the food properly. Avoid taking large quantity of food or late night snacks before sleeping.

Sometimes the types of bed on which we sleep also causes discomfort to our body and prevent us from having a good sleep. Try to keep your bedroom free from noise and sound disturbance. Listening pleasant music will always help you to fall asleep. The reasons for insomnia may vary form person to person. The above reasons may not be exhaustive they cover ninety percent of the issues. In most cases insomnia is a temporary problem. Taking good guidance, care, medications, regular medical check ups will help you to prevent it. Thus if you are suffering from insomnia then do not take it lightly as it can also affect your brain and nervous system. So start taking precautions right now to be away from further serious problems, as prevention is better than cure.

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10 Responses to Reasons Of Insomnia

  1. ironaxe89 says:

    How can I get my Medical Marijuana License?
    I’m 19 years old, and the only previous medical records that show up for me are asthma. But I would like to use the reason of Insomnia, Depression, and Social Anxiety (which I really do suffer from).

    How would I be able to truthfully convince a marijuana doctor to prescribe it to me?

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    • Uhh, Idk. says:

      Getting it prescribed to you is easier than a lot of people think.

      The stuppidest story I heard was a man said he had a sore leg and had some given to him by his doctor.

      Also, marijuana makes anxiety worst, ugh, the worst feeling, one of the reasons I quit.

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  2. cristina p says:

    for all you tea drinkers who drink tea for health reasons?
    iv’e been drinking tea lately, and am enjoying it very much (replaced it for soda) i know people who drink it for health reasons migrains,upset stomach ,insomnia,high cholesterol..ect..what kind of tea do you drink and for what reason?

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    • manda l says:

      Tea leaves have more caffeine than the coffee bean.. BUT… when you make the drink… more comes out of the coffee then the tea leaf… so coffee has a LOT more caffeine in it then tea does.

      caffeine give me head aches.. but I drink tons of hot black tea with no problems…..

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  3. charity2882 says:

    Could the following be reasons for our insomnia?
    TV, computer, stereo or other electronic devices located in the room you sleep in, The position of your bed, the colors on the walls, noise from outside, caffiene. just share what you think may cause insomnia and if you agree or not that these things are involved

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    • NONAME says:

      Most of what ya mentioned can keep you awake. Insomnia can be made worse by not having a difference tween “awake” activity, and “going to sleep” activity. Having a “ritual” done before sleep will trip the mental switches that tell yer body it’s time for sleep.
      If one’s in bed and unable to sleep, it’s best to get up for a short time. (get a snack, read, etc.) The subconcious will begin to associate the bed with frustration and insomnia.

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  4. Selma L says:

    Should people in California be allowed to get medical marijuna for insomnia?
    The list of reasons that one can get a prescription for medical marijuana in California is vast, from insomnia to depression. Should the reasons by limited more?

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  5. MRJO says:

    Can My boss sack me for the below reasons?
    I have been bit irregular last year. Reason, insomnia and I had to get int work late like in the afternoon.

    this year, I am very regular, but, he has asked me to improve my time-keeping.
    After a month, I was getting into work as some other employees as some of my team mates do start late like 10:30.
    So, he is now told me that he is still not happy and will be telling the Hr again. I told him that I wasn’t aware he wants me in 10am. Now, I have agree for him to watch me for another 2 months which he doesn’t seem too happy about.
    My performance has no issues at all. I am a good honest worker.
    But, I recently had a problem with another employee who was shouting at me and was consistently harassing me too.

    so, seems like there is a lot of negativity around me at this place. I want to stay as I have made some friends here and there is good work in the pipeline too.

    do you think my manager has enough reasons to sack me as he seem to have taken on disliking for me?
    i am in London and with the company for 5.5 years now

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    • steffi says:

      I would think it would depend on the hours you are contracted to work. Are there set hours? What sort of job is this where people start at 10.00am – 10.30am? To what time do you work? Do you work on into the night?
      Your contract of employment should specify what is required of you. If you are short-changing the company in relation to the hours you keep, yes, they can sack you after verbal and written warnings. They are under no obligation to pay you if you should be there, and you are not.

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