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Natural Sleep Aids - One Ingredient Solutions May Not Work For You

Author: Jukka Tolonen


If you are not getting enough good quality sleep, you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Health, at least seventy million people in the United States suffer from sleep troubles. The National Commission for Sleep Disorders has reported even larger numbers. In its report to the U.S. Congress, the commission claimed that one hundred million people have occasional sleep problems, with over thirty million people having some form of chronic insomnia.

Many people turn to prescription medications to solve their sleep problems. They may work well, but often come with undesirable side effects, ranging from morning grogginess and all-day sluggishness to more serious problems, such as sleep-walking, sleep-driving, vomiting, and even seizures. They can also cause serious drug dependence.

Over-the-counter medications are less potent, but not totally safe either. In fact, one of the most popular sleep aids contains an active ingredient responsible for well over thousand liver failures every year, as well as thousands of visits to the emergency room due to overdose issues.

It is no wonder that the use of natural sleep aids is growing. But, many people who have tried them, have not found them effective. This is because most natural sleep products contain only one or a few active ingredients. If you buy melatonin, you will get melatonin only! If you buy valerian, you get valerian only.

The problem is that each one of these one-ingredient products addresses only one aspect of the sleep process. For example, chamomile increases the activity of a certain amino acid that calms the overstimulation of the central nervous system. Melatonin, on the other hand, helps you fall asleep, but does very little to keep you asleep. Passion flower extract is a natural mild sedative that helps you relax your muscles and puts you in a comfortable state. And, indium sulphate works with the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal complex of the brain where it can modulate hormones that can inhibit or interfere with sleep, such as epinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol.

In other words, taking a natural sleep aid that has only one or a couple of active ingredients, is like rolling a dice. The ingredients you choose may not address your specific sleep problem. And, when one natural sleep aid does not work, it is easy to come to a conclusion that none of the natural sleep aids work.

If you would like to try solving your sleep problem with an all-natural solution, you basically have two options. You can either experiment with one-ingredient products until you find a combination that works for you, or you can buy a supplement that already includes all of the most powerful ingredients, therefore ensuring that your individual problem is definitely addressed.

There are numerous natural sleep aids in the market. When shopping for them, please pay attention to the ingredient list. Ideally, you may want it to have as many active ingredient as possible.

Some of the next generation products contain indium sulphate (described above) and eggplant extract.

Eggplant extract provides some very interesting potential health benefits. Its alkaloids bind to the acetylcholine agonist receptors, and by doing so, activate adult stem cells in your body that may then seek out injured tissue and replace the damaged cells. In the past ten years, several major studies have revealed the power of adult stem cells being able to transform themselves into any type of body tissues. Stem cells are typically drawn from your own bone marrow, from where they can then travel to the area in your body that needs repair. Incorporating eggplant extract in a natural sleep aid is a good fit, because the body regenerates, rejuvenates and heals itself during sleep, and stem cell recruiting provide that process with an extra kick.


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Jukka Tolonen is the president of Aikon Wellness, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based nutraceutical company. 

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10 Responses to Natural Sleep Products

  1. snowgirl says:

    Does Dreamerz natural sleep products really work?

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    • Stephanie says:

      You probably need to check your iron levels and then also take calcium and magnesium chelate about 20 minutes before bed. Its better than getting ripped off by some one offering the same thing but more expensive.

      Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your lower eyelid and see if the color is red or flesh color. If its flesh colored you are lacking enough iron and should take a herbal iron like Floradix. It will take a month to see a difference. Iron carrys oxygen in your blood and if you dont have it you will feel tired, cold hands and feet, headaches, RLS, dull brittle hair, brittle nails, poor sleep, pale skin (see thru), shortness of breath, fatigue, poor concentration, low mood, ringing in the ears, irregular heart beats, cracks in the corner of the mouth, dizziness, fainting, sore tongue and canker sores. Add b12 and folic acid for best results

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  2. STILL standing says:

    What is the most effective natural product for sleep?
    I have great trouble sleeping at night due to depression, bad nerves, and maybe something else.

    Antipsychotic meds get me to sleep well, but I had major problems when I get off of them, so I want a natural product that I won’t get hooked on, have withdrawal symptoms from, and receive maximum results from.

    Also, I would prefer to hear from people with personal experience of sleeping problems, and the more severe the better, since mine’s pretty severe.

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    • dipu says:

      Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical
      problems. By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixed
      daily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can be
      cured. I found the information at useful
      for getting sleep.

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  3. Aurelie d says:

    Does somebody knows a good working (strong) natural product to sleep?
    I can’t sleep anymore. I use L-Tryptofaan and it worked for a while but now it doesn’t give any results.
    I’m looking for another natural product that stimulates the deep sleep in a natural way. I’m looking for the name and perhaps a link where I can buy this. I’m also interested in possible native products.

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    • Waken says:

      * S C U L L C A P *

      Go the the local health food store and get yourself some SCULLCAP
      More than likely it will be in capsule form
      Take one capsule
      Open it up
      Empty the contents into a cup
      Pur boiling hot water over the herb
      Let steep for 3-5 minutes
      Drinking the tea when it is HOT is the best
      Do not adulterate the tea with honey or lemon or anything
      Drink it straight

      Enjoy a cup before you go to bed
      It will be all right if you injest some of the herb

      Never heard of it?

      Remember back in the old days when some folks would wear a “night cap” to bed? The herb SCULLCAP in it’s native state, the flower resembles a “night cap”………
      According to The Doctrine of Signatures: what a plant resembles, this is what it is good for. Scullcap is good for sleep.

      Years ago I went to an Apothocary in Eureka Springs, Arkansas seeking an herbal substitute for “Noludar.” I had been prescribed Noludar to help me stay asleep. I began taking the Scullcap………..
      and it worked.

      Not only did it workl…
      it has healing properties as well.



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  4. Eva says:

    I am taking cymbalta and xanax but i am having trouble sleeping at night is there any natural products i can t?
    I am taking cymbalta and xanax but i am having trouble sleeping at night is there any natural products i can take i take the cymbalta at night about one hour before bedtime and the xanax just when i am going to sleep. i sleep about three to four hours and then i am up all night.

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    • Mopar Muscle Gal says:

      take the cymbalta in the morning- one of the side effects of cymbalta is insomnia
      continue to take the Xanax before you go to bed

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  5. Anne says:

    I have problems getting to sleep at night. Any Homeopathic, or natural products which could help me?

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    • tlworkroom says:

      One of the main difficulties with getting to sleep is to get your brain to relax and not be too jazzed up with energy.
      I find that reading before sleeping helps me to relax. I’ve also found that if I go to sleep right after turning off the tv, I can actually dream some of the scenes of the show I was watching.

      So thusly, try to avoid stimulants like colas or coffee past 6 pm, supposing you go to bed around 10 pm. That way, the body can process the caffeine somehwat out of your body and you can unwind a little. The older you get, the harder it is to come down from caffeine.
      Stimulation is also visual, so that’s why cutting back on tv, radio, or even computer is good before going to bed. Allow your body and brain time to relax for an hour or so before trying to go to sleep.

      There are many natural supplements to help you sleep. Melatonin is a very good one, my best friend uses it all the time quite well, altho’ I’ve never found any use for it.
      But what I’ve found works extremely well for me is Siberian Ginseng. It’s usually known by it’s fancy Latin name, but you can find it like that, too. The good about Siberian Ginseng is that if you’re up, it’ll help bring you down, and if you’re down, it’ll help take you up.
      I have found that when I take it before sleeping, I wake up much more casually, more calmly and more rested. And I was quite surprised at that. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Just like said earlier, my friend loves to use melatonin, but it doesn’t do a thing for me. So yu’ve got to find what works for yourself. But at least with herbs and vitamins, they won’t hurt you like drug store products will.

      Oh, one more thing, if you take lots of vitamins, don’t take them after 6 pm, because they give you energy, and that’s what you don’t want when you’re trying to sleep.

      Simple exercise also can help you relax before sleeping, altho’ there, too, is a double-edged sword. You can exercise so much as to increase your energy before bedtime rather than being only relaxed enough to sleep. If you want to get into it, yoga might be helpful.

      There certainly are some homeopathic products that could help you, but those are usually more specialized, and you’d need to visit a local health food store to get more specific info on them. But, yes, they are available. I hope that any of these can help you.

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