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Yes, You Can Travel with a CPAP Machine

Author: Dianna Smith

A travel CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is not nearly the problem it used to be when traveling. With the technological advances that are being made today, it is no surprise this machine was improved as well. The noise has been reduced and the features improved so that the machine can monitor your oxygen levels. The size has also been greatly reduced so the CPAP machine is not as bulky as it was originally. Due to the necessity of the CPAP to prevent sleep apnea it was just a matter of time before the need for a more light-weight and portable machine was introduced. Breathing is an important component during sleep, because thanks to breathing, your body is filled with oxygen, which contributes to better rest, relaxation and quality of sleep, you can read more about this at

Airline Travel

When traveling with a CPAP machine, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Where you will be traveling is one of  the considerations. It is an exceptionally good idea to purchase a plug adapter for your machine if you will be traveling out of the country. For airplane travel, if the flight is going to be long enough to require sleeping, the power source is EmPower.

The options here are either to buy an adapter which converts the CPAP to the power on the plane or purchase an inverter. An inverter will work when you plug it into a 12V outlet or an EmPower outlet. Then simply plug your regular power cord into the inverter and you are all set.

Another option that has just become available in the last few years is a travel model CPAP machine. There are now battery powered machines that were designed for the traveler. The battery can be charged to last for about 11 hours depending upon the setting. If needed, the machine can be run from an outlet which charges the battery even while it is running.

There are travel bags designed to carry your machine and any accessories you will need to use it such as an extension cord, an adapter and extra fuses. This may be carried on according to regulations on most airlines. The need for the CPAP machine is becoming more widely known therefore the transporting of the device is more acceptable. The best idea is to carry a letter from your physician containing his telephone number for verification of the need for the machine.

Traveling by Car/Camping Trips

When traveling by car or going on a camping trip, there are adapters that will allow various options when it comes to charging your CPAP machine. A good idea, of course is to make sure your battery is fully charged before leaving. This will keep it operable for a few hours before having to recharge. There are campsites with electrical connections which you can use for your CPAP machine. If necessary an adapter may be attached.

However, many power cords are made to allow connections to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. So if remote camping is on your agenda you are always close to a power source for your machine. This is a great idea for truck drivers who travel across country and use their sleeper cabs for resting in between picking up loads and dropping them.

With the wide array of machines made today, you can go practically anywhere and still have access to power for you device.  If you travel quite frequently, you will want to check the different types of travel CPAP machines that are available today.

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4 Responses to Insomnia Helpline

  1. Mixed Up says:

    I feel like I need to be back in the psych ward (please help me, I know it’s long)?
    I’m a girl turning 15 this year, and two years ago I was admitted to a teen psych ward where I stayed for just over three weeks. The experience of being the the hospital traumatized me. And it did nothing (as far as I can see) to benefit my condition. I was put on anti-depressants and sent back home.

    I was in there for a number of reasons – severe depression, severe anxiety, self-harm, insomnia, refusal to go to school, suicidal thoughts, visual and auditory hallucinations, anger issues (including violence), and other related problems. The medication did nothing to help me, even though they kept upping my dose. Eventually, I stopped seeing my psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, nurse, doctor and I stopped taking my medication all in one go in an act of anger.

    I was so afraid of ending up back in the psych ward that I took everything I was feeling and experiencing, and I locked it away deep inside of me. I went to school, made friends, got good grades, won awards, but everyday I could feel the burden of my mental illness growing stronger. I fought and I fought, but late last year everything started going downhill again.

    My grades dropped, I got in with the wrong friends (all in their 20′s), I began occasionally smoking weed, I developed a drinking problem, I started smoking. And all my issues from the year before began to push to the surface.

    Now, at the start of 2011, I’m about to burst. I can feel it. And this time I’ve begun to search for help, but I’m getting more and more desperate. I can’t get a psychologist for probably another week, my counselor is on holidays, kids helpline can’t do anything but talk to me and I have no one else. I feel as if I’m going to do something terrible, to myself or to someone else if I don’t get help quickly.

    My issues have changed, however. I’ve become convinced that I’m not really depressed, and that I don’t feel anything at all. Which is true. But my Dad says I’m in denial, and that I can’t deal with my emotions. I’m also a pathological liar, but only to my family members and people with authority. And all my other symptoms are far stronger, I can’t deal with this and I can’t go back to school.

    I think I need to go back into the psych ward, and I’d only say that if I was completely desperate. I need to find a way to make these people take me more seriously, and I need to get help NOW. I want to be re-admitted to the psych ward… How can I make this happen quickly without getting crazy enough to harm myself or someone else?

    Thank you for reading.
    I also have eating issues.

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    • mogley says:

      Not being totally familiar with your local health rules, but you could present yourself for re-admittance on a condition of self harm and a danger to the public but how soon you may get out of this situation when she would do admit yourself because of some rules of psychiatric admittance work on three days, seven days and 21 days depending on how well you convince the triage nurse of your condition, so you could push it hard enough to have yourself suspended for some time, so do take care as to how desperate you present your case.There is only one other problem be aware of some of the medication that may be administered will shift your whole personality and durability to recommence school as soon as you get out, so certainly be aware of what you’re endeavouring to do.I do not believe that you are as bad as you would have yourself believe because you still have recognition of your own psychological danger so you have the capacity to reason and think and get yourself slowly back online. If you could only get somebody to talk to that is reliable to listen to you.Your father is in denial of your condition. I’m not sure whether it is for his own conscience restitution or for your benefit, but I do think he is endeavouring to keep your welfare at heart, no matter what you think at this point in time, I’m not making this”judgement”likely because I have a friend who has paralleled your predicament almost to the letter, and she was in the system and some years later, still regrets it because she was medicated as she puts it to where almost burnt her brains out, that is she still cannot be totally on her own because of the effects of the medication.So please consider and don’t act in haste because some of the heavier drugs have very nasty side-effects.I can only suggest if you can get it from your library or similar place meditive type music, because it does help the mind to relax no matter how way out it sounds, I know it does help.

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  2. ..lilbeatch says:

    how do you decide whether to change doctor surgery or not?
    my drs all seem very unhelpful, like i said in my last question they have no interest in helping eating disorders but also they seem pretty unhelpful in general. they are no help when i get really bad insomnia, they just say i’ll sleep again in a day or 2, but last time they said that i slept the next night for an hour and a half then was up for the next 5 nights and i was hallucinating and paranoid and my skin turned purple and grey lol
    also when i forced myself to go in one day feeling very suicidal they simply gave me a number for a helpline thingy and that was it.
    my friends always say my drs suck and i should change to one of their surgeries. in fact last week one of my friends who is a nurse said ‘if you die im going to sue every one of your doctors’ lol
    i think thats a bit over the top considering i dont actually have any life threatening problems but it does make me think i should change surgery.
    am i over reacting though or should i change?
    i dont wanna go to the bother of moving just to find thats the result i’ll get with all doctors
    no not surgery as in operation, surgery as in the place where the doctors work! maybe its not called that where you live but where i live it is. not sure why though lol
    im not talking about psychiatrists lol

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    • MeAgain says:

      I really think you should change, It doesn’t sound as if anyone is helping you or taking a great deal of interest in you.

      Once your friends and especially your friend that is a nurse has noticed, then you are not over reacting.

      It sounds like you have many doubts about your care, pay attention to what you are feeling.

      Ask people that live in other areas and find out what the think of their doctors. Spend a day just asking questions most people are very open and honest about what they think of their doctors and how they are treated by them.

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