Postpartum Insomnia

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Postpartum Depression

Author: josepha jain

Postnatal depression is another clinical term used for the disease, which is comparatively less frequent in men. Women suffer from this disease in first few months after the delivery of a child.

Patients suffer from psychological symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, emotional outbursts, feeling of loneliness etc. Most of the times women who suffer from this disease ignore treatment or clinical consultation which may lead to severe mental imbalance. Lack of vitamins can be a cause for this disease. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are also responsible for this psychological imbalance. But this is not the only factor responsible because hormonal medicinal treatment cannot help in such cases. Family members and group can help the patient to come out of this disease. Psychiatric treatment and clinical consultation is the right way to fight it.

Patients of this disease suffer from many mental problems like low self esteem, lack of confidence, fatigue, short temperedness, and frequent outburst of emotions, sessions of crying, irritability, sleeplessness, and feeling of loneliness, severe and continuous headache.

a€œBaby Blues a€œis a common emotional imbalance faced by many women after birth of child. Low mood and spirit is a sign of a€œBaby Blues.a€  This mental state is sometimes found in fathers too.

The change in schedule, lack of sleep, responsibility of a newborn baby etc. are some causes behind a€œBaby Bluesa€  it is not considered a serious mental disorder as it prolongs for some weeks and proper rest, balanced diet, adequate sleep, support of friends and family can help in this case.

Postpartum depression is a serious mental disease because it harms body too. If proper treatment is not available at right time, it may have severe consequences for the patient.

Childcare stress, prenatal anxiety, habit of smoking, single parenthood, socio-economical problems and unplanned pregnancy etc. are some harmful factors responsible for this disease.

Formula of feeding is also a cause to depress women in first few days of their maternity.  History of depression is also a major cause behind postpartum depression. Sometimes it could be a hereditary disease so such so that patients have to be careful in the period of their pregnancy.

Prenatal depression can also co-relate to postpartum depression. Problems in holding pregnancy, severe stomach aches, lack of vitamins, deprived care and attention, unwanted pregnancy are the causes for prenatal depression. Such patients develop a tendency to hate the newborn baby. They neglect breastfeeding the newborn infants. It causes many physical problems too.

Lack of social support may lead this disease to become a serious long-lasting mental imbalance.

Psychiatric treatment and counseling sessions can help in recovery. Sometimes, depression pills are also prescribed for fast recovery. Balanced food habits, affectionate surrounding of friends and family, proper sleeping hours, meditation, healthy relationship with your partner, proper habits of caring and feeding baby etc. can make your lifestyle a happy one. Proper parental help in babysitting too helps a lot in this regard.

Becoming a mother is a divine bliss of Mother Nature. Accept it with proper care and a great joy! Have a happy maternity!!!

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9 Responses to Postpartum Insomnia

  1. proud mommy says:

    what do you think i should do with insomnia after postpartum ?
    my baby is already 13 weeks old and sleep pretty good ! the problem is me i can’t sleep at all , my body feel so tired all the time .this is my schedule i wake up 3 pm and stay up until 7 am and then sleep from 7 am until 3 pm during that time i’m always wake up couple time because i need feed my baby and change diaper and so hard for me to go back sleep . i can say that i sleep each day just 4 – 5 hours , 6 hours if i’m lucky and this is not good because later on during the day im feel tired , dizzy , lack of energy and i have to take care my baby during the day by my self so please help me if you idea what i should do ? i try to take nap during the day but i can’t sleep and i don’t try sleeping pill because i’m scare i couldn’t wake during the night because my baby cry for milk or pampers. i’m really appreciate your answer and thank you very much for your help !!

    • says:

      There are many sleeping aids/pills that don’t knock you out completely. Think about it..if a house were on fire and these pills worked that good, there would be a lot more dead people out there and their family’s would be suing these companies. I’d ask your doctor for his advise, I’m sure they will prescribe some mild sleep aid. Motherhood..isn’t it wonderful? Good luck!

  2. Sheena says:

    5 Months Postpartum Insomnia?
    My son is 5 months old, and has been sleeping through the night since 1 month. Of course, my husband and I thanked our lucky stars for having him do this, so we could get some sleep.
    Unfortunately, for the past few nights, all I can do in bed is lye there for hours and hours, not really worrying about anything, but my heart is racing! I try and sleep but every time I start to drift off, my mind wakes me up; I can’t figure it out. I had a spell of insomnia when I was 25 weeks pregnant which was exactly like this, and that, I was told, was due to hormones. Could it be that my hormone levels are still out of whack?
    I do not want to go on any medication; does anyone have any advice? I’m really starting to get upset.
    I don’t think it’s anxiety. I’m over the worrying point of it all, because my son is well-established.

    • Anonymous says:

      It ight be a mineral deficiency – happened to me! I took a variety of minerals – potassium and magnesium and I sleep a lot better now. Can also be dehydration

  3. Ashley S says:

    Can hypnosis help insomnia postpartum?
    I am expecting my second child within the next few weeks. Last postpartum I developed severe insomnia which either was a symptom or the cause of pretty bad postpartum depression. Has anyone had success with hypnosis? I currently do not have sleep issues at this point, but am scared it will happen again.

  4. Katie R says:

    Anyone experience postpartum insomnia?
    I just gave birth to my 3rd baby on Monday. With each baby I have experienced horrible insomnia for the first few days postpartum. The insomnia is anxiety related and has nothing to do with fears about my babies. I think it is the way my body responds to the hormone shift. It usually hits at about 3 days postpartum, but for the life of me I cannot remember how long it lasts. I think I may be on the downward slope now. Last night I acutally slept pretty well. Has anyone else experienced this? When did it start and when did it stop? Also, how do you usually cope with it?

    • I Haz A Bucket! 2G's2B's says:

      Ive had it with both for the first few weeks. I think its actually a hormonal thing so that we have enough energy to take care of baby. Your body has so much adrenaline and hormones running through it it can be hard to sleep… I found it became alot easier to sleep after the first few weeks but when i dont get it i find im still ok.

  5. Mommy to Max ~*6-11-09*~ says:

    postpartum insomnia…!?
    I had a baby 3 weeks ago. Since having him, I’ve had a very hard time getting sleep. Not only because he wakes up every few hours, but when I get the chance to sleep, it just doesn’t come. The only time I’ve been able to get some sleep is if I take xanax but I do NOT want to become dependent on that or any other meds for that matter. I onyl get about 3 hours in a 24 hour period and it seems to be getting worse.

    Can anyone help? My body is so weak, but I just can’t sleep.
    I don’t think I have postpartum depression because when I’m awake and not tired, life is wonderful and I love being with my son. Heck, even when I do feel exhausted I still am a happy person. I think what’s causing me to have insomnia is that throughout the day I am worrying for night to come because I worry I wont get any sleep at all this time. Since I’m becoming more and more tired as the days go, I seem to be having more and more of a hard time falling asleep. Last night it was the worst so far. My son actually fell into a deep sleep at 10:30 and I had a good opportunity to get a few solid hours of sleep. And I think knowing that is what kept me from falling asleep that whole time. My husband came home at 3am and took over baby duty so I took a Valerian and that finally let me go to sleep and I got about 6 hours, but with how sleep deprived I am I woke up this morning still completely tired and worn out. And I’m already worrying about tonight…anxiety sucks. Any other advice?

    • SpecialK says:

      You have to remember that your body has just gone through a major hormonal change and it can take a while to adjust. Sleep disturbances can be a sign of postpartum depression or anxiety. Being slightly sad and anxious about the life changing event of having a baby is normal. It is sometimes hard to talk about the negative aspects of pregnancy and child birth,but, if you feel that you are experiencing more than just “baby blues” a visit to a doctor would be helpful. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help your get back on track. There is always a risk of becoming dependent when using prescription drugs. However, if you need them and use it only as prescribed the risk is small. Under doctor supervision your dose will gradually be decreased until you are able to function normally without medication.
      I had a baby four months ago and also had/have a problem with insomnia. It really helped me to be able to sleep in the room with him. He has only recently moved into his own room. I got a baby monitor so I could hear every little baby noise. I woke up tonight because the dog was in the babies room whining in his sleep. I can’t sleep now. Anyways…hope this helps.

      Try to relax about not being able to sleep. If becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If the cycle of insomnia is too hard to break on your own, see a doctor. Try an over the counter sleep aid. The active ingredient that makes you sleepy in them is the same as benadryl so it is not addictive. It will probably get easier to sleep over time as your hormones return to a normal level. Good luck…

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